This article discusses how you can create the three types of customers in Loc8:


A few items you'll need in hand before you proceed with adding your customers:

  1. The customer's name
  2. The customer's primary contact number

Open the customers area

Firstly, go to the Customers page.

Create Individual Customer

Add the details of the person who would directly interact with your staff and directly billed for using your services.

Fill in the individual's name and contact number.

Lastly, go ahead and create the individual customer.

Create Company Customer

Add customers who are small or large business establishments, having a  business names and business number (i.e. ABN, ACN, EIN, LLC) and possibly distributed across multiple locations.  

Once that's done, you'll find the new company customer is also added as a Site in the Assets tab. Here you can associate all of the physical objects you maintain and manage for the customer, this has been explained in Create Asset. 

Create Company Contact

Add one or more individuals who work for the company customer. These individuals communicate directly with your staff to place requests and act on behalf of their company. Once they are created in Loc8, you can add them to quotes and jobs as site contacts.

Fill in the contact's name, the company customer's name and the contact number.

Lastly, go ahead and create the company contact.

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