A few items you'll need at hand to help with creating the job:

  1. The customer details and the location where the job needs to be done
  2. Details about what needs to be done and the job type - whether Work Order, Audit or Inspection
  3. The timeframe when the job is expected to start and finish
  4. The appointment time to be scheduled for the job
  5. The names of the responsible staff and customer employees who will be involved throughout the progress of the job
  6. The technicians who can take up the job are already added in Loc8. If not done yet, follow the article Invite Staff to Loc8 or Add Collaborators to Loc8.

STEP 1 If this is the first time you are creating jobs in Loc8, you can use the Getting Started section on your screen as a guide to creating your first job, either work order, inspection or audit.

For subsequent job creations, go to the Jobs page.

STEP 2 Open the Job Creation wizard.

STEP 3 Fill in the subject and description for the job.

STEP 4 Schedule the appointment.

STEP 5 Assign technicians.

STEP 6 Specify the customer. You can search existing customers or add a new one. Once added, you can easily create jobs for that customer in future.

When the Customer Creation wizard opens up, do the following:

STEP 7 Select the customer site where the work needs to be completed.

STEP 8 Set the job priority to alert the technicians.

STEP 9 Set the calendar window to indicate when the job can be started and the final date when the job should be completed. 

STEP 10 Add the names of contacts who are either responsible for the job or involved with it at some phase.

STEP 11 Type in any company-specific code number that's used to tag the job and identify it in future references.

STEP 12 Add tasks to the job.

 STEP 13 Attach reference files that can assist the technicians while on site.

STEP 14 Lastly, go ahead and finalise the job.

That's done! The job is now created and will appear on the assigned technicians' calendar when they log into their Loc8 Mobile app.

Next up, the technicians can update the details of the job right away from their mobile app while on site or you can update the on-site and travel time, expenses, inventory and file attachments as and when you receive data from the site.

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