Contractors are typically used to supplement an existing field workforce in times of peak demand or to deliver specialist services. By leveraging Loc8, you will have an effective and efficient means to engage with them, helping you to expand your company's presence across larger regions, delivering broader services, all without employing surplus internal field staff.

Since the contractors usually work closely with your workforce to resolve your customers' requests, we call them as Collaborators.

Simply adding them as a Collaborator User will allow you to assign them to jobs, which they will then receive via email. Any further communication will also be via email.

Note: If the contractor must have access to Loc8 Mobile, you can of course add them as a regular User with a Field license.

To see the difference in access permissions between an internal field user and an external collaborator, see Introduction to Workforce.


A few items you'll need at hand to help with adding a collaborator:

  1. The names of the collaborators to be added
  2. Their work and contact details

STEP 1 Go to the Workforce page.

STEP 2 Select Collaborator to create a new user for the outsourced technician.

STEP 3 Fill in the user profile. Set the username, position title at work and contact details under the Technician User group. 

Note: Double-check if the email address is actively used by the collaborator because  notifications or emails from Loc8 will be sent to that email address.  

STEP 4 Lastly, go ahead and create the user.

Now that you've set up the user profile, communicating with the collaborator is simple and gives you complete control of the business data you want to share with them.

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